A 41-year-old track coach in Oregon was dismissed after taking a 17-year-old student to prom. She told CBS that “this particular student was one that was on my list to talk to about some issues at school.” She continued that she never expected this reaction and that what she thought was a good deed has “turned out to be a disaster.”

Eric Bolling brought up the point that if this had been a young girl with a 41-year-old male teacher “you’d lose your mind over it.” However, he noted that the father of the student gave permission for the coach to accompany him to prom.

Dana Perino weighed in saying, “The problem is he didn’t have a date, she felt bad for him.

He was doing badly in English. If he was doing badly in English then he was going to get kicked off the track team and so out of the goodness of her heart she did this.”

Perino continued, “I can understand that maybe nothing funny happened but what does she think the 17-year-old boy was thinking the whole time that they were slow dancing.”

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