One New York high school is making condoms available to students as they leave the prom, and the decision is sparking heated debate from many.

Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, pointedly said that this is a case of a school overstepping its boundaries and “reaching into an area that is a parental responsibility.” She continued, “We know that the number one reason that kids abstain from sex is their moral values, their faith, and because of the relationship with their parents. And when the school steps in between that relationship, it’s very harmful and it makes it much more difficult for kids to abstain.”


Dr. Cathleen London argues that Penny Nance’s point simply isn’t proven by statistics and that states that have abstinence-only education have the highest teen birth rates. She heatedly proclaimed, “In America, we are an embarrassment. Nine times the teen pregnancy rate of any other developed nation, that’s really reprehensible.” Dr. London continued saying that the school is not advocating that the students have sex, but that if they do that they should use condoms.

Nance countered that the problem is really that the school is employing a “nanny state” mentality by cutting parents out of the situation entirely.

Update, May 26: New York City school cancels plans to pass out condoms at prom