The talk of the town when it comes to former Gov. Mitt Romney is his interview with Time Magazine in which he said that by the end of his first term, he'd get unemployment down to six percent. Now, Americans are saying, how? His answer is three-fold: get rid of ObamaCare, have an energy strategy that brings jobs back to the country, and get a handle on the deficit.

"Those are three ideas that we have to move on right away if we want to get the economy going again."

Yesterday, President Obama also equated the governor with George W. Bush, asking why America

would want to go back to the same policies that failed.

"It’s kind of funny listening to him, because I just described three of the things I would do that have nothing to do with what’s been done in the past. Getting rid of Obamacare -- that is this president’s problem; this is a brand new problem. Getting an energy policy that takes advantage of our energy resources to bring jobs back to America ... that’s new that’s not old. Finally, getting our handle on the deficit -- you know, he used to talk about that when he was candidate Obama. Now that he’s president Obama and he’s doubled the deficit, he doesn’t want to talk about the fact that this kind of deficit, this kind of spending is scaring away job creators."

Romney also weighed in on recent attacks on his history with Bain Capital and his stance on teachers unions.