It was a moment in a North Carolina classroom that was caught on tape recently that is making national headlines, after a teacher was recorded yelling at a student in her social studies class for criticizing President Obama, even telling him that he could get arrested.

It all began when the topic of the day was a discussion regarding GOP contender Mitt Romney being a bully in high school. A student challenged the teacher, saying that he thought the president had also acknowledged that he bullied someone in high school, as well. The teacher responded by saying that she didn't know of any such comment ... and that's when the shouting began.

In the audio, you can hear the teacher

in question yelling at the boy, saying, "That's disrespect!" The student then responds, "You're disrespecting Romney!" That, of course, prompts another response from the teacher, who says, "How's that disrespect? He's not the president! You will not disrespect the President of the United States in this classroom!"

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She proceeded to tell the student that he could even get arrested for his comments ... but the student quickly reminded the teacher that that would go against his First Amendment right to free speech.

The back-and-forth doesn't end there, however. Pretty soon, it's former President George W. Bush who gets pulled into the heated discussion.

Hear the full audio below and let us know what you think. Was teacher out of line?

Update 6:00p ET: The North Carolina high school teacher has been suspended with pay after the tape of her yelling at a student for criticizing President Obama went viral. The Salisbury Post reported Monday that district school officials suspended the teacher in the course of their investigation into the incident.

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