Nearly 50 people have been arrested and four police officers suffered injuries at the ongoing protests in Chicago during the NATO summit. President Obama addressed the protests during a press conference today, saying, “I think with respect to the protesters as I said this is part of what NATO defends is free speech and the freedom of assembly. And frankly to my Chicago press, outside of Chicago folks really weren’t all that stressed about the possibility of having some protesters here because that’s part of what America’s about.”

Weighing in on the issue from Boston tonight, Bill O’Reilly said on The O’Reilly Factor that, “The president should be answering the question do you still support the Occupy Wall Street movement because in the beginning he did

… When he’s asked about the protesters he gives an answer that doesn’t say one way or the other whether he approves of this kind of thing.”

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O’Reilly described a recent confrontation he experienced, “On Friday I went to see a play called ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ on Broadway. I had three kids with me. When I left the theater I was confronted by an Occupy Wall Street guy who was very obnoxious, came within inches of my face. I told him there were children present, he didn’t care, actually chased the car down the street.”

He continued, “Now that wasn’t an accident. Somebody had seen me going in or in the theater, had texted the occupy people who dispatched this guy to chase me down. Now this is what’s happening across country and I think people should know about it … He wanted me to attack him, it was obvious what he was doing.”

O’Reilly added, “But what I’m trying to say is not just about me, this Occupy Wall Street movement is now very coordinated and they are terrorists. They are trying to create trouble, that’s what terrorists do.”