Today at 4p ET on Your World, Senator Marco Rubio sits down with Neil Cavuto to weigh in on D.C.’s budget battle. Cavuto also gets Rubio’s take on the 2012 election and whether he believes that Romney needs a Latino running mate in order to win in November.

In this sneak peek clip, Rubio makes his position clear, simply stating, “You know, I'll tell you what I think this country needs and that is someone who is going to make things better than they've been in the last three and a half years.

All these elections at the end of the day, when an incumbent president is running for reelection, the election is a very simple equation. Are you better off today than you were four years ago when this person took over? And if that's what this election is about, and that's what this election should be about, Mitt Romney is going to be our next president."

Watch the sneak peek below and tune in to Your World at 4p ET for the full interview.