Army Specialist Leslie Sabo, Jr. died from an act of incredible heroism following the Vietnam War, leaving behind the high school sweetheart he’d married only a month before heading off to battle.

His widow was first told that Sabo was killed by sniper fire while he was guarding an ammunition duct. The real story, however, is that while in Cambodia, Sabo and his platoon were ambushed by a large enemy force. The 22-year-old charged the enemy position, killing several enemy soldiers. He then attacked an enemy flanking force, drawing fire away from his fellow soldiers.

As the enemy retreated, a grenade landed near Sabo. He picked it up threw it, shielding his comrades, but the grenade exploded, injuring Sabo. The soldier continued, crawling toward the enemy bunker and placing a grenade inside of it. He died in the subsequent explosion.

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