Sean Hannity sat down with author Ed Klein who wrote the new book “The Amateur.” It covers everything from the allegations that the Obama inner circle attempted to pay off Reverend Jeremiah Wright to reports about widespread corruption that exists within the administration. Plus in a Hannity exclusive, listen to audio of an interview that took place in 2011 between Rev. Wright and Klein.

Klein explained that the title of his book came from former President Bill Clinton after a meeting with Hillary Clinton and their friends in August 2011. Klein talked to sources that were in the room and said Clinton was “trying to convince Hillary to run against Obama in the Democratic primaries in 2012.”

Regarding his meeting with Rev. Wright, Klein told Hannity, “It wasn’t what I expected to tell you the truth because the guy who I met did not look like the guy on the videotapes … He was very quiet, very polite, very measured, and talked about his academic credentials, very proud of the fact that he had a Ph.D., and answered all my questions … there was no sense that this guy could go off the deep end.”

Hannity asked why Rev. Wright is suggesting that the Obama campaign tried to buy his silence in 2008. Klein explained, “He feels that he’s been turned by the Obama campaign into a pariah and that everywhere he goes, people who recognize him come up to him and say how could you do that, how could you say those things on the platform in your church? And I think he wants to set the record straight.”

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In another piece of audio, Rev. Wright talks about a phone call he had with candidate Obama following a speech in Philadelphia. Obama asked the Reverend to meet him at a secure location, rather than meeting him at his home like he usually would. Klein says he has the Secret Service logs showing that Obama did show up.

In the audio, Rev. Wright can be heard saying to Klein that when he and Obama parted ways, “[Obama] said ‘you know what your problem is?’ I said what’s my problem? ‘You have to tell the truth.’ I said that’s a good problem to have.”

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Klein writes about Oprah Winfrey who supported Barack Obama during his candidacy for president and was shunned by the White House and Michelle Obama in particular. Klein said that after the election, Winfrey and President Obama would talk on the phone about how to deal with certain issues and how to maintain a popular administration. When Michelle Obama found out, it was interpreted that Winfrey was trying to be the First Lady and usurp Mrs. Obama’s position.

Klein noted that Winfrey is not campaigning for Obama this time around which he believes to be tied to another incident where, “Oprah was so upset what she heard back from the White House which was, and this is an Oprah quote, ‘Michelle doesn’t want me in the White House working with her on this anti-obesity campaign because she says she doesn’t like a fat person waddling around the White House.’”

Watch Hannity's exclusive interview with Ed Klein below.

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