Did President Obama’s recent support of gay marriage reignite the culture wars? Newsweek features President Obama on the cover with the headline “The First Gay President.” The magazine speculates that this announcement will help the president in the election. Pat Buchanan, who ran against former President George H. W. Bush in 1992 in the GOP primary, joined Megyn Kelly on America Live to talk about possible backlash the president could face.

Buchanan disagrees that President Obama’s public support will help him, saying, “I think that Joe Biden basically dragged Barack Obama out of the closet.” He continued, “I think the president has put his presidency at risk because this is an emotional, cultural, moral issue. And when folks go to the polls the overwhelmingly majority already in 30 states have imposed a ban on homosexual marriage.”

Megyn Kelly recalled Fox News contributor Sally Kohn saying that the vote in North Carolina to ban gay marriage shouldn’t be taken as an indicator of anything because the number of people who turned up to vote was very small. Buchanan responded, “How does that guest of yours explain how it was for example in California in 2008 where Barack Obama was winning in one of the largest margins in history. 52 percent of Californians voted to ban gay marriage, a majority of Hispanics, and 70 percent of African Americans.”

Kelly said the president seemed to suggest in his ABC interview that he was coming out in support of gay marriage based on personal and moral reasons, while allowing states to decide on an individual basis. Buchanan argued, “That’s not credible for this reason, what’s been considered for the last 50 years to be the great moral issue of our time? Civil rights. Did the president of the United States believe that the states should decide that?

Buchanan went on to say, “[Obama] is not going to put gay marriage into the Democratic platform. If you believe in it deeply, why not? Mitt Romney says he supports a constitutional amendment upholding traditional marriage. Does Barack Obama support a constitutional amendment which upholds same-sax marriage? No.”

He said, “This is the heart of the cultural war, Megyn, it is the fundamental beliefs … in Christianity, in scripture and tradition, and all those ideas of right and wrong against a new secularist idea which is quite militant, no doubt gaining in strength. That is the root of the culture war. It’s just like abortion. Is it okay, I mean is that a progressive move or is that the killing of an unborn child. These are the things that are really dividing the country and they’re going to continue. I didn’t declare it a culture war, we just admitted it was there.”