The company Melaleuca, which sells wellness products out of Idaho, is under siege after CEO Frank VanderSloot donated a million dollars to a super PAC that supports Mitt Romney. VanderSloot sat down with Bill O’Reilly tonight to talk about the recent personal attacks against him.

He explained that after the Obama campaign discovered his donation, they posted it on a campaign funded website along with others who they called out for having “less than reputable records.”

VanderSloot said, “When I first saw the list I thought uh-oh this is scary and within hours of that then all kinds of things started appearing on the Internet suggesting all kinds of accusations against me, rewriting history as it were about all kinds of things I was supposedly guilty of.”

He told O’Reilly that they even stated that he hated gay people and as a result of the smear against him a couple hundred customers who canceled their business with the company. Since then, VanderSloot has held conference calls with customers and set up a website to handle all the accusations.

O’Reilly said that some people believe that, “targeting a businessman like you running an honest business, because of your freedom to donate who you want to donate to, but try to ruin you personally and professionally that’s terrorism, political terrorism.”

He continued that the Obama campaign is trying to intimidate VanderSloot and others from donating to Romney. VanderSloot held up a check for $100,000 dollars and said, “I think the only response is to make another donation … Perhaps everybody else can donate in peace and that’s how it should be in America.”