Keith Judd, who is serving time in a federal prison in Texarkana, Texas, for extortion, took 37 percent of the vote in last night's Democratic primary in West Virginia, with 50 percent of precincts reporting. Incumbent President Barack Obama captured the remaining 63 percent, reported.

Judd is currently serving out a 17-year prison sentence, and after his showing last night, he's also entitled to at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention. So, what does it all say about the larger issue -- Barack Obama's standing with voters?

Chris Stirewalt reacted to the results from his home state of West Virginia (as well as Judd's unruly mane).

"All I can say is that West Virginia is awesome. There are days that I'm more proud to be from West Virginia than other days. Today is one of those days. That mullet is impressive," he joked. But also impressive, he said, is that in West Virginia you can see a state with mdoerate, blue-collar Democrats react to the current administration.

Stirewalt says last night's showing by Judd is a protest vote by residents, and that their ballot choices were more about the fact that Obama's policies as they relate to the mining and burning of coal, abortion, gay marriage and similar issues are not in step with the politics in the state.

While the results may not be that big of a deal in West Virginia - a state where Obama wouldn't have won in November as it is, Stirewalt says - there are pockets of similar voters in swing states across the country.

As for Judd, he apparently ran on a pro-coal platform in the state where the issue is of top priority to residents. But still, residents aren't the only people refraining from backing Obama. The state's Democratic governor and

senator aren't supporting the current commander in chief for reelection because of his work to 'regulate coal out of the American economy.'