Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Fox News Sunday to talk to Chris Wallace about the 2012 election. He criticized President Obama, saying, “He did inherit a very difficult economic climate and he knew that when he was elected. But one of the reasons why he won is because he told the American people he knew how to fix it. He’s run up a five trillion dollar debt and you have more people than since 1981 that are either underemployed, unemployed or have stopped looking for work.”

Rubio continued, “You just saw the jobs report on Friday, they are abysmal. Things have not gotten better and let’s not forget that for the first two years of his presidency, his party controlled both chambers of Congress. He could’ve had anything he wanted, he got those things, the health care bill for example and the stimulus and things keep getting worse under his watch.”

Wallace pointed out a few statistics that contradict what Mitt Romney says about jobs and unemployment numbers. Romney says that job growth should be 500,000 jobs a month not the 115,000 it was last month and the unemployment rate should be four percent not the 8.1 percent it is. Wallace said, “The fact is that this country has achieved 500,000 job a month job growth only two months in the last 20 years. And in fact as governor of Massachusetts, Romney never had four percent unemployment.”

Rubio responded, “First of all, we want a president with high expectations. We want a president that understands that the way things are now are not acceptable and that we have to make them better. Second, I think the steeper … the recession is, the faster and the sharper the recovery should be.”

When asked about the politicization of the Usama bin Laden raid and Vice President Joe Biden’s comments regarding whether Mitt Romney would have made that decision, Rubio said, “Joe Biden’s record on foreign policy is one of being wrong on virtually everything he’s ever advised or everything he’s ever asked for, from dividing Iraq to admittedly telling the president not to go in and do this operation.”

Rubio went on to say that the president and armed forces deserved credit for the raid but now President Obama has “taken something that should unite the American people, a moment of pride for our country and instead turned it into a weapon for political warfare.”