Fox News is learning more about the motives of the five men accused of plotting the bombing of a Cleveland, Ohio bridge. Court documents say the men wanted to stop money flow to the one percent of Americans and send the federal government a message. These men have also been tied to Occupy Cleveland.

Peter Johnson, Jr. weighed in on this story today on Fox and Friends, saying, “An undercover FBI agent sold these folks, according to the prosecution, C-4 explosives that they actually planted at the bottom of the bridge.” He added that the men were allegedly using cell phones to text in order to detonate these explosives.

Johnson questions whether or not the Occupy movement should be considered a domestic terrorist organization.

Although this has been the only alleged bombing linked to the movement, he wants to know if this should be investigated.

“We have an infamous history in this country of anarchists committing violence, committing bombings,” he said. “This is something that the federal government really needs to take a hard, hard look at.”