Analyst Kirsten Powers and activist Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson joined Hannity’s Great American Panel tonight. Before the panel could get into a discussion over President Obama taking credit for the raid that killed Usama bin Laden, Powers confronted Peterson about what she says are “misogynistic” statements he has made in his sermons.

Powers said to Peterson, “You said women are creating a shameless society and that they are destroying the family, and they shouldn’t be put in powerful businesses. Address that.” He responded, “Most Americans know that liberal women are destroying the family, they hate men, they hate society.”

Powers interrupted him and said to Sean Hannity, “That is absolutely false. Sean do I hate men, do I hate you?” She looked back at Peterson and said, “You are a pastor distorting God’s word for misogyny

… when you say you leave a woman alone in charge a family and she destroys the family.”

Peterson replied, “We allowed the National Organization of Women Who Hate Men to come in years ago …” To which Powers said there is no such thing, but Peterson continued saying, “We left them alone, look what condition we are in today; out of wedlock birth, abortion.”

He told Powers, “If you believe what you believe, why are you upset at me? I’m not upset at you.” She answered, “Because you’re a pastor using God’s word to teach misogyny to people.” Peterson affirmed, “I have a responsibility to tell the truth, you’re on the side of lies, why shouldn’t I be on the side of truth? […] Liberal women policies are bad for families, they’re bad for the country, they’re bad for America.”