Special Report aired its new series, ‘Running With Romney,’ which takes a deeper look into possible running mates for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Tonight Bret Baier spoke to rising politician Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Rubio rose quickly in the political field, starting as a lawyer to the youngest Speaker of the Florida House to U.S. Senator. He told Baier, “It doesn’t escape me that less than half a decade ago my family lived very different circumstances. My dad was a bartender, my mom was a maid. It was unimaginable that anybody in the next generation would be able to attain, I mean this is what other people did, but not people who came from where they came from.”

Rubio sums up his message of fiscal discipline, saying, “What we need most from government is to create

an environment that encourages people to go out and start businesses and grow their existing businesses. And you do that through a regulatory framework and tax code that people understand.”

Strategists say helping Romney close the gap with Hispanics is another reason Rubio is an appealing candidate. Rubio says it’s important to remember that Latinos don’t vote as a block. “There is something that unites the Hispanic community, however, and that’s this burning desire for economic empowerment. They desperately want to give their kids every chance and every opportunity that they didn’t have. So the question is which one of these two gentlemen that are running has the best idea for that. And I think it’s going to be Mitt Romney.”

There are some concerns about Rubio’s past including a party-issued credit card which he charged personal expenses to while he was Speaker of the House. Rubio responded, “At the end of every month we would get those statements. We would see what was on there that was party related and the party would pay that. If it wasn’t party related, I would pay that … The Republican party of Florida never paid my personal expenses.”

Watch the rest of today's segment below: