Andrew Young, the star witness in the John Edwards trial, may have compromised the case for the prosecution. The campaign aide who turned his former boss in, in exchange for immunity, called other witnesses prior to his testimony to compare with their testimonies. The judge in the case has told defense attorneys for Edwards that they can’t call it "witness tampering," but they can tell the jury that he did so. Did Young just tank the prosecution’s case?

Defense attorney Joey Jackson says, “Not at all. It’s much ado about nothing. Here’s why I say this Megyn ... he’s not on trial. John Edwards is, and it’s important that the prosecution keep the focus on that.”

Defense attorney David Wohl took the other side of this case saying, “John Edwards is going to say that what Andrew Young did was actually take some of that money and funnel it into building his dream home

and if that comes out if they can actually prove that as an affirmative defense, that will go toward further destroying Andrew Young’s credibility.”

He continued, “The government better hope it has 12 Joey Jackson’s on the jury because this idea of contacting the witnesses and trying to synchronize his testimony with them, if it weren’t for immunity he would be prosecuted for tampering with witnesses. He also has the book deal Megyn. And I got to say something, when you write a book, you cash in on the case before it ever starts. That is bias and that is going to further torpedo the case.”

Jackson responded, “This case is about whether or not he knew, that is, John Edwards knew that this money was going to support his mistress and his child and allow them to be hidden from public view … And a jury is going to relate to the fact that if someone is running for president, he is going to do his level best to conceal this issue from public view so that he could get elected.”