After a female drag racer lost control of her Camaro on a Tennessee raceway, her vehicle went barreling toward a cameraman who got the whole crash on tape. Luckily, she and the cameraman were not injured in the unbelievable crash. Take a look at the video.

Drag race driver Lizzy Musi, daughter of legendary racer Pat Musi, joined America Newsroom to talk about her unforgettable close-call. She said the experience wasn’t scary because she’s been around racing for so long.

She said, “I know that stuff will happen, but you know, I thank God for all the safety equipment they put in those cars.”

The 21-year-old is going to put this experience past her and said she wants to continue racing and follow in her father's footsteps in this sport.

Musi told Martha MacCallum that when she was little, she told her dad, “I’ll do anything to race a car like him someday.”