In an unprecedented move, the city of Fort Worth, Texas is debating whether or not to ban smokers from the workforce. Today on The Five Andrea Tantaros explained, “That means they wouldn’t hire anyone who smoked, no ifs, no ands, and no buts!”

Tantaros said when she first heard of this story, she immediately thought it was discrimination, but after thinking about it she realized, “The more government gets involved in government sponsored health care, the more that they can tell you what to do about your personal decisions.”

Greg Gutfeld, who is a smoker, said, “Fort Worth should be changed to Fort Worthless. Smokers are American heroes and I’ll tell you why. They’re like the people that arrive at a party with the best booze and they leave early

because they pay into Social Security and then they die before everybody else does.”

He continued, “By the way these laws are based on emotions not fact. These second-hand smoke studies are so flawed, they’re junk science but nobody cares because nobody wants to defend a smoker.”

However, as Eric Bolling pointed out, “What’s not junk science is that insurance companies do give breaks to companies that are smoke-free. So if it’s cheaper for Fort Worth to hire or go all smokeless, listen I don’t begrudge anybody for smoking … But what would be wrong with maybe charging the smoker, hire them but then charging … 10 bucks a month.”

So would it be wiser if companies simply charged smokers more money to make up for possible health costs? Bob Beckel weighed in, “It’s ridiculous. I tie in with Greg here, we’re going to die earlier and I smoke … One out of five people in America, adults, are smokers. Now Fort Worth is saying they’re not going to hire anybody, they’re going to take 20 percent of the potential work force and say even if you’re the most qualified for the job we’re not going to have you. What’s that all about? What about the people there who are already smoking?”

Gutfeld asked, “What would you rather have, a great surgeon who smokes or an adequate surgeon who doesn’t smoke? Of course you want the best surgeon.”

Tell us what you think! Is this a good idea in order to save companies money on health insurance, or is it downright discrimination? Comment below.