As more information came out Monday about a new wave of terrorist attacks rocking Afghanistan, Fox News wanted to take a moment to remember the American soldiers who put their lives on the line every day. Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills is one of them, and he recently had all of his limbs blown off by an IED in an explosion in Afghanistan that occurred less than a week ago. The explosion occurred while Mills was serving his third tour of duty in the country.

This morning on Happening Now, Mills’ wife Kelsey explained what the last few days have been like for her husband and family, describing them as “confusing and scary."

The sergeant underwent surgery at a hospital in Germany today, she told Jenna Lee that after the operation, Mills called her to tell her how much he loves his fellow soldiers, immediately asking about how they were all doing. Kelsey said he also told her he can’t wait to get home to her and their young daughter.

Although it’s only been about a week since the accident, Kelsey said that many of the nurses and doctors told her that Travis has been in good spirits and that he’s already touched so many of their lives with his upbeat attitude.

“He’s born to be a leader and born for everyone to listen to him. His personality demands attention, and everyone that’s ever met him will remember him forever … He’s just that kind of guy,” she said.
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Kelsey started The Mills Family Fund since the IED explosion in order to hopefully supplement the medical costs they will no doubt incur for years to come. She also created a website called to serve as a central point of information for friends and family around the world who have been moved by his story and want to keep up to date. So far, she said she's been getting an outpouring of love and support through people on social networks alone and for that, she is incredibly thankful.