Vice President Joe Biden has been going all over the country advocating the rich paying their “fair share” ... but is the VP practicing what he’s preaching? According to their 2011 tax returns, Biden’s charitable donations added up to 1.46 percent of his income compared to President Obama’s 21.8 percent and Mitt Romney’s 19.1 percent.

The Bidens earned $379,000 and gave $5,500 to charity. Radio talk show host Chris Plante joked, “It gives new meaning to the 99 percent versus the one percent. Joe Biden keeps the 99 percent, he gives away the one percent.”

Plante noted that in 2004, before being elected, the Obamas donated less than one percent. He argues that this goes to prove “the overarching reality that conservatives

give more to charity than do liberals because liberals think that the government will take care of all these things.”

No one should be surprised by these numbers, Plante says, recalling that Joe Biden was the “poorest” member of the Senate when he was chosen to be Obama's running mate, and the only non-millionaire. “He apparently, you know, [doles] out his pennies as though he’s been living in poverty for a long time.”