For 17-year-old cancer survivor Courtney Alvis, her high school prom was something that one year ago, she wasn't sure whether or not she'd experience. Now, not only did she kick cancer and make it to the dance, she went on the arm of top NFL draft and University of Alabama football star Trent Richardson.

It all happened after Courtney's uncle made a

few phone calls to some University of Alabama friends, telling them of his niece's story. That is, when she was 16, Courtney was diagnosed with leukemia, and the affects of the chemicals that ended up saving her life also meant there was a lot of life she'd have to miss.

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"I couldn't drive, couldn't go to school or to the mall or even out to eat because of germs," she said.

In the end, despite her uncle's inquiries, it was Richardson who made the decision to attend the prom with Courtney, as he knows all too well the ravages of cancer; his mother is currently fighting it herself, and he's lost two aunts to the deadly disease.

"A friend called me, and he had told me about the situation ... I was like, alright, I'll go to the prom with her," Richardson said. "People are surprised to see me here today, [...] but I'm proud to be the lucky guy to take Courtney to prom."