Norma Luther, president of Gold Star Mothers and Jeanette Early president of Gold Star Wives joined actor Kevin Costner from Fort Knox, Kentucky, to attend a dedicated memorial for fallen American soldiers. Costner revealed other projects that he’s working on including the History Channel miniseries called ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ as well as starring in the new Superman movie, ‘Man of Steel’ as Clark Kent’s father.

Today there is a dedication at the memorial site, where the band named Kevin Costner and Modern West will be performing their original song ‘The Angels Came Down’, and honoring those soldiers killed in the Chinook crash last August in Afghanistan.

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Costner said on Fox and Friends this morning that, “This is a club you don’t want to belong to” because of the price paid by the fallen soldiers and their families, but he emphasized that it feels extraordinary and humbling to be linked to this kind of event.

He went on to say, “The impact that it has had couldn’t have been possibly measured when we were creating this song and so it does mean a lot. I think anytime you can affect another human being in a positive way and to bring a level of relief is probably the greatest gift, and to think that it could come from a simple song is, I mean, that’s what we’re experiencing right now.”

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