This weekend, Fox Business Network gives you an inside look at the money behind the baseball industry. Tune in Saturday at 10a ET and Sunday at 10p ET for The Numbers Game and take a look at this special preview from host Connell McShane:

Pick a city that’s the best place to be a baseball fan for the next ten years. OK, now pick one you think is the worst. Then tune in this weekend to find out what we think. If you like old-school sports debates with a new-age twist, we’ve got a great special for you. It’s been almost a decade since the book Moneyball challenged people to think differently about the business of baseball. Now, with a new season just underway, new numbers are rewriting the business again. Teams spend tons of money on young pitchers like Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals, but what happens when they get hurt? They lose talent and they lose a lot of money. New science is sparking a big debate about whether some of those injuries can be prevented. On The Numbers Game, controversial pitching coach Rick Peterson tells us

we should be listening more to the new data. The old-timers in baseball think he’s nuts. It’s a great debate. Then, the conventional wisdom is that Wall Street crook Bernie Madoff nearly ruined the New York Mets, and he almost did. We’ve run the numbers, though, and it turns out Bernie may have actually been the one that saved the team… from itself. Former Mets GM Steve Phillips was there back in the day, and he actually had a chance to invest with Madoff. He turned that down but he tells why the Mets are now on the right track. So check it out. We’ll debate whether long-term contracts to people like Albert Pujols are worth the money, and famous sports-talk host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo argues that we’re out of our minds for believing in all these numbers. Join me for The Numbers Game this weekend. It’s on at 10am ET Saturday and 10pm ET on Sunday … on Fox Business Network.

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