Two, thirteen-foot crosses that stand on top of a hill at Camp Pendleton in California are now subject to removal because of an atheist group's complaint. The crosses were were placed there by seven marines to honor their fallen friend. Three men who put up the crosses have died in the line of duty and their families are outraged by the atheist group's pursuit. Karen Mendoza, whose husband helped build the memorial and was killed in combat in 2005, joined Fox & Friends to talk about her husband and the controversy.

She said, "The cross is very important not only to my personal family, but to my entire Marine Corps. family..."

She continued by saying that she "was very sad" to learn about the cries to remove the crosses. "I was sad to hear that this group that claims to be American did not give this little sign of respect to our service members, not only to the fallen service members but to the service members that continue to serve our country so they're allowed to voice their opinion. I feel like they are not really showing the respect that is needed."

Speaking about her late husband, Karen said, "He would want people to look at this cross and to say it's not about religion, it's about sacrifice. It's about remembering the fallen and going through the grieving process today altogether as a country."