On tonight's The O'Reilly Factor, mother of Trayvon Martin Sabrina Fulton sat down with Bill O'Reilly along with her attorney, Benjamin Crump, to discuss the pending trial of George Zimmerman.

After expressing his condolences, O'Reilly asked Fulton for her thoughts on Rev. Sharpton and others who seemed to fan the flames of public outrage. Bill pointed out that he recently said Sharpton should apologize, asking Fulton if she believed he was wrong to call for such an apology.

"He also

promotes peace," Fulton said, drawing a comparison between Sharpton and O'Reilly. "We never asked for anyone to do anything out of the ordinary ... we wanted to have peaceful rallies, and we're not supporting any violence."

Crump told O'Reilly that he believed that conversation to be one meant to happen between Bill and the Reverend. "I think you and Mr. Sharpton should probably discuss that," he said.

However, Crump did say that he and Trayvon's family believed the rallies were key to urging action in the case. "One of the things I think, Mr. O'Reilly - you had to have rallies just to get him arrested because we've always felt that had that not happened, they never were gonna arrest Zimmerman."

O'Reilly told Crump that on the contrary, he believed the state of Florida would have acted.

"The state took over about 27 days into it," Crump admitted, "but you're a father - if someone killed your child who was unarmed, and they didn't arrest them and told you they weren't gonna arrest him, 27 days later..."

"I'd be through the roof, and I'd do exactly what Ms. Fulton did," O'Reilly said.

Fulton told Bill she always said she wanted Zimmerman to have his day in court, and that if after the trial the court found him not guilty she would try to accept that as the result of a fair trial.

"I believe in the judicial system, and I believe that he can get a fair trial."