Entering the ‘No Spin Zone’ tonight was Rep. Paul Ryan, who maintained his stance on becoming a vice presidential pick by repeating that if asked to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, he would have to consider it. Host for the night, Laura Ingraham, and Ryan compared Romney to Ward Cleaver, the father from the sitcom ‘Leave it to Beaver.’

Host for the night, Laura Ingraham asked Ryan to clarify some remarks he made about Romney in which he called him a “funny dude” and a “throwback to the 1950s.” Ryan said his words were taken out of context, but that Romney is an “earnest” and “nice guy” like leaders from the fifties. The pair then compared Romney to the likes of Ward Cleaver, the father from the sitcom ‘Leave it to Beaver.’

Moving onto President Obama’s attacks on Ryan’s budget plan, he said, “We’re used to these verbal tantrums from the president … Instead of offering solutions of his own to prevent a debt crisis.”

In regards to Rick Santorum not mentioning Romney in his speech today, Ryan said he’ll have “plenty of time later on for supporting and rallying around the nominee, but right now I think he did the statesman-like thing. He should proud of the campaign, we’re praying for his daughter.”