Chris Wallace interviewed Fox News Sunday’s power player of the week, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, the daughter of President Richard Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon. On the centennial of her mother’s birth, the Nixon library put together an exhibit to tell Pat Nixon’s story.

The exhibit displays love letters her parents wrote to each other and Julie recalled her mother being the practical and down to earth one, while her father was more romantic. Some of the more memorable images of Pat Nixon during political defeats show a more sad side.

Julie reflected that after the election of 1960, “She was battered by what happened … She felt the election was stolen, she hated pictures of that night because it was the first and only time she ever lost her self control.”

She also noted that the resignation of Richard Nixon was “devastating” because “in her eyes, he hadn’t done anything wrong.” Though Julie remembers happier times of her mother who she says was always laughing.

Chris told Julie, “My father always said that the interview he most wanted, that he never got, was Pat Nixon.”

Chris’s father is of course legendary journalist Mike Wallace who passed away yesterday. Julie said she thinks her mother never told her story because, “She wanted to talk about what other people were doing. She wasn’t focused on herself.”