Seven people are dead tonight and three more injured after a gunman opened fire at Oikos University. Claudia Cowan gave an update on the suspected shooter on Fox Report. She said, “Sources say the man under arrest was a nursing student at this Asian religious vocational school, but the school’s founder telling the Oakland Tribune that the shooter was no longer enrolled in classes here.”

A witness described bodies being carried out of the building, telling reporters he what saw, “They carried a body out and then they put a blanket over it, and they carried a bunch of other bodies out. I couldn’t tell if they were alive or not.”

Police were on the scene soon after gunfire broke out and the 911 calls started coming in. It remains unclear what the motive for the shooting was, but Claudia reported that police apprehended the suspect a few hours later after reportedly confessing to an employee at a nearby shopping center.

Claudia said she spoke to another man who has been at the school trying to locate his sister who attends the university but he still hasn’t been able to get in touch with her and “like so many other families here in Oakland tonight, her brother is just beside himself.”

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