Today is National Autism Day and a new report from the CDC says that one in 88 children are being diagnosed with autism. That is nearly twice as many as it was five years ago. Dr. Martha Herbert, author of ‘The Autism Revolution,’ believes it can be reversed.

Dr. Herbert explained her reasoning on Fox and Friends this morning, saying, “Some of them get somewhat better and some of them actually lose their diagnoses. I think that we need to stop thinking about it as a life sentence and think about it as something that we can work on.”

She said that someone’s diet is very important because it triggers the immune system. While she knows the brain is not malformed, she said to think of it as the brain being irritated and you need to reduce the irritation and inflammation in the brain.

Herbert described some tips for parents such as: feeding your child nutrient-dense foods, expanding your child’s world and giving them the opportunity to grow and develop their interests.

Hear the rest of the tips from this morning’s Fox and Friends: