There’s new reaction today from the head of the Catholic church on what's become a hot topic nationwide. Last night, Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan talked to Bill O’Reilly about what he believes is the effort on behalf of the White House to divide American Catholics.

Dolan said, “I think there would be a drift in the administration that this is a good issue, and if we can divide the Catholic community because its already divided … There’s a force out there to caricature us, but we can’t back down from this fight, because it’s about religious freedom; it’s close to the very heart of what the Democratic enterprise that we know and love is, what the United States of America is all about.”

Monica Crowley weighed in on Dolan’s statement, saying that he’s “absolutely right.” She thinks the Obama administration is using the contraception issue to attract women voters

back to the Democratic Party due to the loss of the women vote for Democrats in 2008. Since ObamaCare was released two-years ago, Crowley thinks they timed it out perfectly for the next election.

Chris Hahn said, “In these tough economic times, Americans need a recreational activity they can afford and sex seems to be a good one between consenting adults.” He told Bill Hemmer that the Catholic Church needs to stop playing around with this issue that they created themselves.

On a separate note, during O’Reilly’s interview, the host questioned Archbishop Dolan about possibly telling Americans not to vote for Obama based upon this intrusion. He responded that we wouldn't do that and explained that the church’s job is not to change government.

Crowley says he was correct in the assertion, but also thinks that only stands until government gets involved in religious freedoms. Hahn fought back, saying, “This is blown out of proportion, and Catholics do not believe this. The bishops are way off base, and if they continue to go down this road, attendance at the Catholic Church will be lower than it’s even been now.”