Returning for his second full season in the NASCAR Nationwide Series with a new team and a new look, driver Blake Koch was proud to announce his partnership last month with The Rise Up and Register Campaign, which reached out to NASCAR fans and educated them on the importance of being registered to vote in the upcoming elections. But, the ad never aired.
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Koch says ESPN told him and his sponsor that the ad was denied due to political and religious overtones.

Today on Fox and Friends, Koch sat down with Brian Kilmeade to discuss this issue, saying, “I didn’t think that my faith in Christ would

have an impact on whether or not a sponsor could air a commercial or not.” ESPN told him they had to pull the ad particularly for the religious overtones on his own website.

Koch said the only message they were trying to send with this ad was to register an additional one million people to vote and explained that it wasn’t tied to a particular candidate or party.

Although Koch has been forced to struggle to make ends meet just to be able to race and compete in NASCAR, he doesn’t plan to tone down the religious tone on his website. He told Kilmeade that he is not willing to hide his Christianity. “The one thing I will not do is deny my faith just because a particular sponsor might not like the way I express my faith, which I do on my own time."