An article in the April issue of Vogue magazine has sparked outrage from many. Author Dara-Lynn Weiss put her seven-year-old daughter on a very strict diet after a doctor said that the little girl was obese. But many are taking issue with the way the author wrote about her daughter and managed her food intake. As an example, Jenna Lee cited a quote from the article in which Weiss describes providing her daughter with an afterschool snack:

“I forced her to choose a low fat vegetable soup or a single hard-boiled egg.”

Weiss also writes about her daughter’s reaction to her 16 pound weight loss:

“'I’m not a different person just because I lost 16 pounds.' I protest that indeed she is different. At this moment that fat girl is a thing of the past.”

Kirsten Powers joined Happening Now to react to the article and to argue that it’s more about the mother’s own battle with weight than her daughter’s. Powers said, “I just think that she was sort of starving her child, and also not really letting her be a child and making her feel that the most important thing was how she looks, which I think is such a bad message.”

Dr. Leigh Vinocur argued that almost a third of children are obese but stressed that it’s important for parents to let kids know that this is a health issue, not a looks issue.