Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill invited Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams onto the show to discuss the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Juan referenced Bill’s Talking Points Memo to make his own argument as to why the shooter, George Zimmerman, should be arrested.

Juan said to Bill, “When you said that this man, Mr. Zimmerman, should be held accountable and if he acted recklessly that should be determined in a court of law, I think that means he really should be arrested.”

Bill reiterated that the police can’t make an arrest unless they have probable cause, and if Zimmerman had bruises as was reported by officials,

arresting him is made more difficult because of the Stand Your Ground Law. Juan shook his head to Bill’s statement that, “You don’t arrest the guy unless you have probable cause to make the arrest.”

Juan responded, “This kid had no weapon, Zimmerman had a weapon. If Zimmerman was the one pursuing, he provoked the confrontation.”

Mary Katharine weighed in on President Obama’s comments about Trayvon Martin, saying, “When you have a situation where the societal expectation as dictated by the president is that we all react like Al Sharpton, then it becomes a situation where we cannot soberly review the facts as is required in this case.”