An advertiser from the Rush Limbaugh show is speaking out about the ongoing war against his business. Mark Stevens, founder and CEO of global marketing firm MSCO, claims that ever since he promised to stick by Limbaugh’s show after the radio host’s controversial comments about Sandra Fluke, his own company has become the target of an organized effort to drive him out of business.

Earlier on America Live, Mark Stevens described the boycott of his company as “internal American terrorism.” He said, “You don’t have to strap on a suicide bomber’s belt to engage in terrorism.”

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He described the assault saying that the women in his company have been phoned and told that they are “women-haters,” employees have been told that they are under surveillance, and he's specifically been told that he is in danger.

“You don’t have to commit an act of bloodshed for it to be terrorism, you have to invoke a sense of fear … we can’t allow terrorism to exist in this county,” he said.

Stevens promises to advertise more heavily because he wants to stand his ground. “I will give no quarter to those who will intimidate me or my company.”