After weeks of protests seeking justice in the fatal shooting of teen Trayvon Martin, there are some new details on accused shooter, George Zimmerman. As you know, Martin was shot and killed last month, but Zimmerman, who claims he shot him in self defense, has yet to be arrested.

Joe Oliver, a long-time friend of Zimmerman, explained to Martha MacCallum that he has been mischaracterized. While Oliver won’t speak for Zimmerman, he said that Zimmerman was trying to doing the right thing

, but is being portrayed as if he was stalking Martin with a gun.

“When the evidence comes out, everyone’s going to find out that that is so far from the truth,” Oliver said.

He understands the case presents a racial issue that needs to be discussed once we know what happened between Martin and Zimmerman, but said, “At its core, it is not a racial case.”