Megyn Kelly updated us on a strange story coming out of Clintonville, WI. For the last four days, there have been multiple reports of strange noises, or “booms” rattling the residents day and night. Some of the booms have been so violent, that they have shaken the foundations of houses! Megyn says now seismologists are on the scene in an effort to find answers.

“What feels like an earthquake, sounds like dynamite, and smells like a conspiracy?” Trace Gallagher reported that for four nights in a row, residents of Clintonville have been kept awake at night by the mysterious booms. After the first boom was reported last Sunday, the 911 line rang off the hook, one caller even said, “it’s shaking the whole house!”

Trace says the town has checked everything including the water system, underground mines, sewage systems, and even checked for sinkholes!

The lack of evidence has resulted in the town having seismologists place seismographs in the ground to find the epicenter of the shaking.

One resident told a local reporter, “it’s really the unknown that scares a lot of people.”