Megyn Kelly reported on new controversy coming out of a Virginia middle school politics class today, in which an 8th grade teacher assigned students to do opposition research on the four Republican presidential candidates. The students’ research included looking into the backgrounds of the GOP candidates and finding weaknesses in their positions.

Now, this kind of research wouldn’t be out of the norm for a typical politics class if it weren’t for the teacher requiring the students submit their findings to the Obama campaign!

Trace Gallagher added that not only did the students do research to find weaknesses in the Republican candidates’ campaign, but were also assigned to come up with a strategy to exploit those weaknesses, and also submit those strategies to the Obama campaign. Furthermore, Trace says that the project was broken up into groups, where two students would write the paper identifying the weaknesses, two would come up with the attack strategy, and then two more would locate people inside the Obama campaign.
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Parents of the students eventually discovered the project, and some were a little more than upset, with one parent saying, “this assignment was just creepy beyond belief. Like something out of East Germany during the Cold War."

Find out more about the controversial politics class assignment in the video below, and let us know your thoughts!