Lawmakers in Minnesota have immunity from drunken driving charges. Today on Fox and Friends, Jayne Jones, a political science professor at Concordia University, and student, Nate Thienes, spoke up about what they’re doing to change the law.

The issue caught their attention after a police dash cam video surfaced

of a state representative getting pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence. Jones said the law exists because, "Back in the 1800s, when our Founding Fathers wrote the constitution, there was a natural fear of political retribution from certain votes and freedoms of speech."

Thienes said he was "appalled" to find out that there were people who can get a pass for drinking and driving, "especially with all the laws that legislators recently made to make DUIs tougher in Minnesota."

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Jones recalled a student, who had interned for the Minnesota Senate, describe an incident at a legislative reception. According to Jones one of the senators said to the student, "Ride along with me in my car, I can’t get arrested for a DWI.”

Both professor and student believe the law needs to change with the times. Tell us what you think, should Minnesota legislators vote to change this law?