The father of a youth hockey player in Massachusetts is facing charges for disrupting a game. According to police, Joseph Cordes used a laser to attempt to blind a Medway goalie who was playing against Winthrop, his daughter’s team. Julie Banderas reported that witnesses say they saw Cordes shining a bright green laser into the eyes of the teenage goalie.

The goalie of the Medway team said at the time she thought

someone was trying to take a picture. She recalled seeing a spot, kind of like when you look at the sun and then look away. Meanwhile the goalie’s father said, “The fact of the matter is that a malicious act by one individual actually turned the tide of the game.”
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The team requested a rematch, however the local athletic association to let Winthrop’s win stand. He was arrested back in 2008 for trying to break into a CVS. This time the 42-year-old faces a misdemeanor disturbing the peace charge. Cordes has expressed remorse, telling the media it was a “stupid and completely immature” thing to do.