Josh Powell, the man accused of killing himself and his two young sons by setting his house on fire, will not be buried in the same cemetery as his two boys, Braden and Charlie Powell. This decision was made after two police officers from the group “Crime Stoppers” bought the two plots on either side of the boys to make sure their father was never buried there.

Earlier on Fox and Friends, the two cops, Sergeant Ed Troyer and Sheriff Paul Pastor, shared their story. They used the group's money to buy these plots and explained that they wanted to stop people from seeing Josh’s name next to the boys' at the cemetery, because no murder victims need to be buried next to their murderer.

They explained, “We’re buying these to do

some honor, to do some dignity for the boys and to the family.”

Eric Bolling asked whether or not their mother, Susan Powell, would be allowed to be buried in one of those spots if her body was ever recovered. The officers said it's not for them to decide, but that they have extended the courtesy to the Cox family, the maternal grandparents, to decide the future of those plots in the cemetery.

“We’re going to give the family everything that comes to us from this, to put a memorial up, put other kids in the cemetery or whatever.”