The Daily Caller has conducted an extensive investigation into left-leaning organization Media Matters. Yesterday, Senior Online Editor Vince Coglianese revealed evidence that the group is working hand-in-hand with the White House to manipulate some of America’s largest news outlets. This morning on Fox and Friends, Tucker Carlson addressed the Media Matters war on Fox News Channel and discussed an email obtained from a Media Matters employee that detailed their plan to hire private investigators to look into the personal lives of Fox News Channel staff, including talent, producers, and network executives in an effort to get “dirt” that would discredit the channel. has uncovered more information on the organization's quest to take down Fox News Channel, and whether it was coordinated with the White House.

Read the excerpt below from, and click here for the full article.

Did MMFA actually put Frisch’s plan into action? At the moment, the answer appears to be no, at least not in terms of hiring the investigators. In the two-plus years since Frisch’s e-mail, MMFA hasn’t dropped a personal bomb on anyone from Fox. The lawsuits haven’t piled up, either. They have sent trackers to public events and bitterly criticized Fox’s reporting, but that’s a legitimate form of activism, if often tedious and tiresome.

What is interesting about this memo is the timing. Yesterday, I wrote that the true red flag in The DC’s exposé wasn’t the fact that MMFA successfully got its message out via the media; lots of orgs manage to do that, including some we like, and reporters/commentators like Ben Smith and Greg Sargent didn’t do anything the rest of us eschew. The real issue was the fact that MMFA did that while coordinating closely with the White House, which prompted the question of whether Barack Obama and his staff weren’t really the hands pulling the strings on its MMFA marionette.