Lincoln Center will be hosting a tribute honoring actress Raquel Welch and her films. Neil Cavuto sat down with the actress who claims she's, “not very scandalous,” despite being a major sex symbol.

Welch admitted that it wasn’t always easy to be taken seriously when it came to voicing her political views. Instead she says she would rather take action, recalling going to Vietnam with Bob Hope to visit the troops.

On the number of GOP debates

, she feels like it allows people to get to know the candidates better. As far as the “mud-slinging” between candidates, “There comes a point where it does cross the line, but I honestly also think that we are educated by this process.”

Without mentioning a particular president, Welch continued, “I think too many times a total stranger without any background or anything that we can really hang our hat on comes along with charm, and a silver tongued devil thing and seems very self possessed. And it’s almost like he should be you know a talk show host or a movie star.”

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