In a disturbing new detail, police have revealed that Josh Powell attacked his two sons with a hatchet before setting his home on fire, killing all three of them.

Dan Springer revealed further details, including that Josh Powell poured five gallons of gasoline throughout the house, and then took an ax and chopped the necks of both of the boys, which didn’t kill them.

He then lit another 5 gallon can of gasoline which caused an explosion. The two boys, and their father, all died of smoke inhalation.

Just a few minutes before committing this horrific act, Josh Powell sent emails to his lawyer, his cousins, and his pastor saying that he was sorry, and could not live without his kids.

Springer said that there is growing speculation that Powell killed the boys because they were beginning to talk about Susan Powell’s disappearance, remembering details from the night she disappeared two years ago.

The police are saying that the investigation into Susan Powell's disappearance is still open. The local Fox station is reporting that Steve Powell, Josh's father, is another person of interest in the case, but police would not confirm this. At this time, Steve Powell is on suicide watch in jail. He reportedly showed almost no emotion when he was told about what happened to his son and grandchildren on Sunday and continues to be uncooperative with police.

Susan Powell's parents also spoke out saying that the children didn't want to visit their father on Sunday. Chuck Cox, Susan's father, said, "I thought that he [Josh] was a big enough threat, there were enough red flags and he was a big enough threat, that there should have been law enforcement there or somebody to make sure that he didn't do something."

Dan Springer talked with Chuck Cox's attorney, who said that Cox was told by police, that had he lived, Josh Powell would have been arrested by June in the case of his wife's disappearance.