Last week, the political snapshot seen 'round the world was that of one heated exchange between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and President Barack Obama on the tarmac after he touched down in her home state. Both Brewer and the commander in chief have weighed in on the incident, with the president saying it was not 'a big deal.' But according to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, seeing the photo reminded him that something similar happened to him during a meeting with the president.

Jindal told the co-hosts of Fox and Friends Monday morning that when President Obama first visited Louisiana after the Gulf oil spill, the president pulled him aside on the tarmac and engaged him in conversation, expressing frustration in a move that he called "obviously staged."

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"He grabs me by the arm, takes me aside," he said, "Here's the strange thing ... I thought he'd be angry about the oil spill, the lack of resources; I thought he'd get down there and say, look governor, we're going to do everything we can to work together. Instead, he was upset he was going to look bad; he was worried about some routine letter we had already sent to his administration, nothing important."

Jindal said the reaction shocked him. "I was amazed at two things: one, that he was mad about the wrong things, and two, that he was so thin-skinned." In a time of crisis, Jindal said the last thing he wanted or expected was for the president to stage what was "clearly a media stunt."

"I wanted him to be the president of the country, and instead he was playing political theatrics."