President Obama is expected to make a visit to Arizona this week, but Sheriff Paul Babeu doesn’t think the timing on this trip is right, saying, “We’re not going to be throwing a parade for the president.”

During the last year, Babeu said, “He has not secured our borders, he has mocked our state, made fun of Arizona saying, ‘These people won’t ever be satisfied,’ he sued

our state and continues to fight us, sheriffs have to stand up, almost by ourselves, to fight the drug cartels.”

Specifically, in discussing finding justice for Brian Terry, the border patrol agent that was killed during operation Fast and Furious, he thinks its outrageous that Eric Holder doesn’t have the honor to apologize to that family and “we need men and women patriots to stand up to fight this president to stop him and this administration.”

Babeu supports Romney’s approach on immigration because “he will not give amnesty, they will not be given voting rights, they will not be given citizenship and Newt, he’s a great guy and I love all these people, but he said publicly on stage that ‘if they’re here 20 years or 25 years I’m not going to separate them from their family,’ and this is where we start to negotiate the rule of law and instead we need to enforce all the laws.

“We shall not give amnesty and I will be one to stand up and fight that.”