Newsweek is stirring up a controversy with its latest cover story. The piece, written by Andrew Sullivan, is titled “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?” Critics claim the mainstream media is crossing a line trying to get the president re-elected. On Tuesday's America Live, Megyn Kelly questioned whether readers should expect Newsweek articles to be written by “an actual journalist … as opposed to someone who is saying Sarah Palin didn’t give birth to her own child.”

Radio show host Leslie Marshall says while she doesn’t agree with the use of the language, it has definitely captured people’s attention and may help to sell more magazines. She told Megyn that the author is not just angry with critics on the right, but certainly the left as well. She said, “The president, and even I for defending the president, have been called worse.”

Editor of the National Review Rich Lowry called Newsweek the “house organ of the Obama administration from the beginning and it basically is an opinion magazine that leans to the Left.” Marshall said, “Nowadays people are just more skeptical of everything that everybody writes. Skeptical of if there’s a slant, whether it’s left or right.”

Lowry said the wording was purposely done so we’d talk about the article, to which Megyn quipped, “and maybe more than four people would read Newsweek.” She acknowledged it’s his right to call Obama critics dumb, but asked whether it alienates the very group they’re trying to convince of the president’s accomplishments. Marshall answered, “the reality is if the president walked on water, Mitt Romney would say it’s low tide right now. We’re in an election year so people on the right in a sense have a responsibility to rip him.”