Earlier on Fox and Friends, GOP candidate Rick Perry reacted to Newt Gingrich’s statement about being the only “true conservative in the race,” saying, “It’s a good line, but we’ll see whether it works on not on Saturday.”

As South Carolinians prepare to make their decision at the polls, Rick Perry’s been spending a lot of time getting to know the Palmetto State and he says he loves the energy he’s getting from the voters there. When it comes to Obama's accomplishments for the country’s economy, he said, “people are very frightened, not just about current conditions, but the future of this country for their children, grandchildren and the $15 trillion worth of debt. I ask people if you were better off today than you were $4 trillion ago ... and people get it.”

Since New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has publicly urged Mitt Romney to release his income tax numbers earlier than April like he inferred he would, Perry said he agrees with Christie, and believes that it’s really important Romney does so ... and soon.

"We can’t fire the nominee in September, because by then it will be too late," he said, adding, “If we’ve got a flawed candidate that’s going forward and someone who is gonna get eaten alive, either because of business practices or because of their taxes or the system that there set up, we need to talk about it now. This is not a personal attack at all.”