A teenage mom took action recently when an intruder broke into her Oklahoma home. Sarah McKinley shot and killed the man after calling 911 and speaking to a dispatcher who, upon being asked by McKinley if she should shoot the suspect, answered that she should do whatever necessary to 'protect her baby.' McKinley says she did just that.

According to the 18-year-old's account, two men began beating on her front door, prompting McKinley to

take her three-month-old baby and lock herself in a room with a gun before calling emergency dispatch.

When the intruders finally got through the door, the mom had no more time left to wait for police and made a judgment call.

"I waited 'til he came in the door, and when he did I shot him. I didn't know what else to do ... I wanted [the police] to hurry and get here before I had to do it, but they didn't get here quick enough," she said.

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On today's America Live, Megyn Kelly pointed out that under Oklahoma law it is legal to use deadly force against an intruder, in certain circumstances. Prosecution in the case has decided not to charge McKinley with any crime. The intruder had a second accomplice, however, and he has absorbed the charges, set to be tried for for first-degree murder.

In Kelly's Court, Lis Wiehl and Joey Jackson got into a heated debate over the legal decision, with Wiehl saying the prosecution got this 'exactly right.' Do you agree?