A long struggle to clear his name has come to an end for one U.S. soldier. U.S. Marine Lieutenant Ilario Pantano has been exonerated of killing two Iraqi prisoners in 2004, as new shocking evidence has come to light.

In April 2004, Pantano was accused by a former subordinate of shooting two Iraqi prisoners in the back. Pantano adamantly claims he was attacked by these two men, and acted in self-defense. "I had to defend myself," he said. "Without autopsy evidence, there was no way to know for sure. It became a big investigation."

Eventually, the doctor who did the autopsies, and whose evidence ultimately helped to exonerate Pantano, cameme forward to say he is an innocent man.

Now, Pantano has come out with a memoir, "Warlord: Broken by War, Saved by Grace," to call attention to the suicide epidemic among soldiers returning from war. He is also running for office for 7th congressional district in North Carolina.

Watch his interview with Brian Kilmeade below.