A group of atheists are suing the state of Kentucky over an anti-terrorism bill that declares that Kentucky citizens need God's help and protection from a terror attack.

In addition to just enforcing the bill, State law demands the Department of Homeland Security display this proclamation prominently: "The safety and security of the commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God."

Edwin Kagin is an atheist and he told Douglas Kennedy that this law could negatively impact the future of the United States: "A law such as this is a step toward establishing a theocracy in our state." Kagan is suing Kentucky, claiming it's forcing religion on its citizens as well as a federal agency - both are a violation of the constitutional separation between church and state.

However, some politicians in the bluegrass state fully support the way the law is written. "Safety and security of the state cannot be achieved apart from recognizing our dependence upon God," says Tom Riner (D), a Kentucky State Representative.

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